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Eyeliner Applicators

Eyeliner Applicators
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Category: Medical Supplies

Brand: Eyeliner Applicators

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  • General Info


    Eyeliner applicators are manufactured by Yiwu Baoli. These brushes are made of nylon (bristles) and plastic (handle) and were specifically designed for application of Bimatoprost eye drops to the upper lash line when treating eyelash hypotrichosis (weak or not enough lash growth). One pack contains 30 single-use applicators.

    How to use Eyeliner applicators:

    1. Wash your hands. Make sure you have removed make up and contact lenses from your eyes.

    2. Open the pack and take one applicator. Take a new one for each application disposing of the used applicator.

    3. Drip a drop of ophthalmic solution to the bristles of an applicator holding it horizontally. Do not let the bristles, as well as any other material, come in contact with the tip of the solution bottle.

    4. Draw the applicator carefully along the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes going from the inner corner to the outer one. Do not apply to the lower lash line.

    5. Blot the excess solution from your eyes with a clean tissue.

    6. Perform the procedure for the other eye with a new applicator.

    7. Dispose of the used applicators.


    Store at room temperature between 2°C and 30°C under dry conditions. Keep away from children.

  • Safety Information


    Do not use one Eyeliner applicator twice. Dispose of each one after a single use.

    Eyeliner applicators are tools for topical application only. Do not use for any other purpose.

    Do not apply Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution to the lower lash line.

  • F.A.Q.

    Q: What are Eyeliner applicators used for?

    A: Eyeliner applicators are disposable tools used to apply the Bimatoprost solution (Lumigan®, Latisse®, Bimat®, Careprost®) to the lash line when treating eyelash hypotrichosis. Each applicator is a thin brush with soft bristles allowing you apply Bimatoprost carefully without wasting a single drop.

    Q: Can I apply Bimatoprost to both of my eyes using one applicator?

    A: No. You should take a new applicator for each eye.

    Q: Should I apply Bimatoprost to the lower lash line?

    A: No. Do not apply Bimatoprost to the lower lash line.

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